Trailer Trio Analysis

You are going to work out the features of trailers as persuasive texts by looking at 3 different trailers for the same film… Cars 3!

1. Watch the trailers.

2. Why do you think there are three different trailers for the same film?

3. Work in groups to analyse one of the three trailers in detail, thinking about its ‘features’ as a persuasive text.

Use the Trailer Trio Analysis downloadable chart to help you put your ideas together.

Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Trailer 3
Trailer 1
Cars 3 | Disney

The four features of persuasion

Once you’ve shared your Trailer Trio analysis, think about how the trailer works to persuade an audience to go and see the film.


  1. Does the trailer leave you with a set of questions which you would like answered?
  2. Are there any memorable imagery and taglines?
  3. Does the trailer use humour, puns or a play on words?
  4. Do you identify with any particular character? Do you want to find out what happens to that character? One word to describe this is empathy.

Write a voiceover

Use what you have learnt about the Trailer Trio of Film Analysis and the Four Features of Persuasion to write a persuasive voiceover for one of the Cars trailers.

When you write your script, you should think about including these Four Features of Persuasion:

  • Questions - ask a question to peak the audience interest e.g. do you want to go faster?
  • A tagline or quote - e.g. ‘From this moment, everything will change.’
  • A play on words or pun - e.g. ‘Accelerate to the cinema this Summer.’
  • Empathy - e.g. ‘will McQueen ever win the race again?’

Whilst writing the script, try to match the voiceover words to the appropriate images on the screen. When finished, perform your scripts to each other and evaluate each others’ scripts according to how the voiceover adds to the overall persuasiveness of the trailer.


Use this evaluation checklist to decide which of the three Cars 3 trailers is the most persuasive.

Can you give examples for each of the following Four Features of Persuasion?

  1. What questions do I have about the film, having seen the trailer?
  2. A memorable image or shot.
  3. A tagline
  4. A clever play on words (either spoken or written)
  5. I want to find out more about the main characters because: