A trailer will often be structured around the most appealing aspects of a film disregarding the conventional narrative order. For example, you might see a funny moment taken from the ending of a comedy near the beginning of the trailer for that film, or a selection of clips chosen to attract the widest possible audience, such as a romantic clip in the trailer for an action film. Some trailers will aim to provide a basic narrative structure to guide us through the film’s storyline.

Watch A Man Called Ove in the clip viewer.

A Man Called Ove
Thunderbird Releasing

Try to spot and describe the different structural conventions exemplified in the trailer. Use the headings below

  • Opening
  • Build-up

  • Problem
  • Events

Use this downloadable diagram to collect your notes.


Watch Dan Skinner explain some of the approaches to creating a trailer for a foreign language film.

  • What approach is used in the trailer for A Man Called Ove?
  • Why do you think the makers of this trailer have chosen this approach?
  • To what extent do you think their choices are guided by the film’s target audience?