Power of Persuasion

In this section, we're going to work out how trailers actually persuade people to go and see the film. We are going to create a Power of Persuasion working wall using the Trailer Trio analysis tool and Four Features of Persuasion headings.

Watch the trailers My Life as a Courgette and Red Turtle. As you do so consider the Four Features of Persuasion and Trailer Trio analysis headings mentioned below.

The Red Turtle
My Life As A Courgette
The Red Turtle
Studio Canal

Working wall

Watch the trailers again but this time use the worksheet to write notes under the following headings:

What questions would you like answered?

What are the key images that stand out, or that you remember the most?

Which elements made you smile?

How do you think the main characters are feeling? Explain how you know.

Look for interesting camera angles or camera movement.

How was dialogue, voiceover, music, sound effects used to create meaning?

How were the shots edited together? How many shots were included? Was the editing pace fast or slow? Why were the shots sequenced in that order?

Share your ideas. If you like, you could include drawings or screen-grabs to illustrate your points.